FACT – Most people who work as coaches and therapists arrived there because of a significant thing in their own life they struggled with.

For me, it was the relationship I had with my daughters.

I love and adore them both.

Yet I was frustrated and confused by the relationship that was unfolding with each of them. It looked nothing like what I had imagined it would be and it often consumed me.

How could there be such angst between me and these beautiful souls I believed I had given my all to?

And when I looked around, all I could see were the moms who seemed to be able to successfully work through that which I could not.

What had I done wrong? What had I missed?

If you can relate (and I’m guessing you can if you are still reading) please know that you are not alone.

Please also know that there is a pathway forward.

Peace and happiness is something we all deserve.

It is about time. Let’s do this.

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