In less than an hour, Pam gently uncovered a blind spot that I didn’t realize I had about the relationship between my adult daughters. Prior to our call, I truly believed that I’d done the work to get to a place where I was accepting of the girls’ dynamic with each other. In fact, I still really wanted them to be different and that was my hidden block. Pam helped me see how it’s possible to believe that each of my brilliant daughters knows exactly what is best for themselves and I create connection with each of them through my belief. This clarity in my thinking makes it possible for me to communicate with my daughters in an authentic way from love and genuine respect.
- MR
I have been engaged in therapy for years, yet the introductory consultation call with Pam felt much more individualized to my situation. Having someone who can relate to the joys and struggles of having adult children made me feel less alone. The conversation encouraged me to focus on this next chapter of my life with me at the center. Coaching instead of therapy may be the way to start that journey for me.
- LL
Thank you so much for the introductory call we had last week. I found your input very helpful in this family weekend we had. It was a very successful weekend in part because I had the right mindset going in. I can see what could have happened if I hadn't been using some of the guidance you provided. I appreciate it so very much.
- MS
Pam always told me that the most important relationship in my life was the one I had with myself. I didn't get what that meant until I worked with her. As a result, I have healed many relationships with other people and my business is on a completely new path. I had no idea how many aspects of my life this work would impact.
- JH
Since I began working with Pam, I have found a peace in my relationship with my mother that I never dreamed possible. I also stopped drinking irresponsibly and found my ambition and gumption again in my career. Everything in my life turned around, my self worth grew back and I feel brighter than ever. Growth (and healing) can really hurt but the other side of it is such bliss & pride. I'm so grateful for Pam and her honest wisdom & guidance in my life.
- BK
I am also a life coach and have been working with Pam for a couple years now. While I came to her for business coaching, she has helped me to see how having a deeper understanding of myself is the foundation for everything I do and want. Pam has helped me become the master of my emotions.
- SB
Thank you for the meeting today. I really thought your insight on raising independent children was helpful and insightful. I want to be respectful and supportive to both my children and learn how to allow both my children to feel strong and capable. You helped me see how I can achieve all that.
- AH