Exhausted & frustrated with the amount of time you spend worrying?

Hey Friends

It’s time to take back the emotional power you never meant to give away!

My first book, Breaking Free From Worry, is now available and you can buy yours today.

I created Breaking Free From Worry so you can gain a deeper understanding of what worry really is. And I wrote it because I want you to feel empowered to put that ‘snarly dog’ called Worry on a much shorter leash.

Package includes:



Stop now and take the time to figure out how to deal with annoying part of you life, once and for all. Worry is a habit we have all normalized and until you understand it, you will always be lost to it’s power. Breaking Free From Worry is a 50-page book that will guide you through what you need to know in order to take back your life. It’s filled with worksheets, guided breathing & meditation exercises, practical suggestions and so much more. Plus it comes with a recorded Breaking Free From Worry Webinar that you can watch anytime!

A portion of the proceeds from this offer will go to support The Women’s Bean Project, a charity that exemplifies the concept of Women Helping Women.

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