What Keeps Us Stuck

What keeps us stuck?

I believe everyone has an innate desire to better themselves, to make a contribution and to get everything they can out of their life. Yet many people won’t even take their dream off the shelf.

What holds us back? I think much of it is about our relationship with the ‘F’ word’. Yep I’m going to say it – failure.

I would bet the farm that there is not a single person on the planet who has found success while somehow avoiding failure.

It’s like that couple where you really love one of them but the other you find pretty challenging to be around. They are a package deal though and if you want to be in the presence of the magical one, you must learn to appreciate them both.

Ever been stuck in a conversation with someone who can’t stop talking about themselves? You know – the one who keeps yammering on about how great they are…

They are so perfect and so successful. And just so boring. It isn’t until they start talking about their challenges that they become interesting.

Failure is interesting. Yet for most of us, we think failing reveals something horrible about us as humans.

There are many emotions that come with failure and most of us aren’t very good at experiencing our emotions. But if an emotion is merely a vibration in our body that show up because of the thoughts we are having, what’s the big deal? (hint – you could always choose different thoughts)

There is a Winston Churchill quote going around that says – ‘We spend our 20s concerned about what people are thinking of us, our 40s not caring what people are thinking about us and our 60s realizing that no was ever really thinking about us anyways.’

What is holding you back from the life you want? Many of us are waiting until we have more time, or more education, or until things are less crazy at work…or we are waiting until we loose the weight, or our kids are older, or until we can make more money. But what if now is the perfect time?

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