Adam Grant

I believe strongly in the value of a great book. Fiction to not only entertain us but to make us more empathetic, and non-fiction to challenge us and open our minds.
I recently finished Adam Grant’s latest book, Think Again, and I highly recommend it.
I have always been a fan of Adam Grant (great podcast), and this is my favorite of his books.
I doubt that there are any of us over the last while who have not found themselves at the proverbial crossroads. Where we have had a chance to look at our lives and our beliefs and have either opened to other options or have doubled down on where we stood.
In Think Again, Grant offers that the ability to re-think our beliefs is the dynamic component to intelligence that is often overlooked. That we regularly see conflicting ideas as threats, as opposed to an opportunity for growth.
He encourages us to think like scientists as opposed to preachers (who defend their sacred beliefs), prosecutors (who try to prove others to be wrong) or politicians (who are focused on getting people to like them).
So many great nuggets of wisdom to be found in this book!
Many times, when I read non-fiction, I find myself losing interest three quarters of the way through. But not here. I always looked forward to the next time I was able to sit and read and was truly a little sad when it ended.
Did I mention that Adam Grant is also funny?
Not my typical post but hey – I love sharing the good stuff.
It’s your life – make it a great one!