Thoughts about death.

I am not a fan of death. Just sayin’.

Both my parents have passed, I have a brother that died young, and I have lost good friends and cousins alike. We are never in control of who stays and who goes. That I know for sure.

I read a stat today that there are more than 68,000 people worldwide that have died from Covid-19 related issues to date. Then I googled – how many people die in the world each day?

On the average (pre-corona), 150,000 die in the world EACH DAY. Almost 7,800 people die in the US EVERY DAY (average pre-corona day).

Approximately 1 person every 12 seconds.

Don’t get me wrong – I am very concerned about what we are now facing and I grieve for those who have lost loved ones. But this gives me some perspective.

Our reality is that death is a possibility for all of us, ALL the time. Every single day. We just don’t focus on it.
Think about this. A person focused on the fear of dying will often react by shutting down emotionally. They are afraid of death where they will be closed off from the people they love. Yet now, while they are still alive, what are they doing? They are closing off from the people they love. Think about it!

People say – but this is serious!! I know and agree…but when we look at our lives through the lens of ‘we could die’ — every day is serious.

I made peace with death a long time ago. I know it is coming and until it does, I am going to keep living. My father always used to say – make hay while the sun shines. And until my light goes out, I will be doing my best to make hay.
Be vigilant about your health and actively choose things that make you a part of the solution. I also urge you to please be careful to not catch the CORONABRAIN that is going around. Symptoms include feeling helpless and out of control because the world is not cooperating with how you think it should be. Remedies include making peace with the fact that you cannot control the world or the other humans, as well as monitoring your media intake and cultivating the awareness of what is going on between your ears.

Be well and if you want someone to work through some of these issues, I am here and still offering free sessions. Send me a private message or email me at