Self Worth

Where does your self-worth meter sit?
When we unpack our personal problems, I would say 95% of the time it comes down to an issue of worthiness.
Fact is, we are all born worthy. But somewhere along the way, we started to doubt it. We unknowingly allowed a poisonous idea to creep into our brains and it became our go-to thought to explain most anything that went sideways in our lives.
But it was the thought error of a child. That sweet adorable youngster, who didn’t know any better, came to an incorrect conclusion.
That inexperienced young brain wrongly attached the meaning “I am not worthy” to someone else’s actions or words or to a random event.
They were wrong, but it happened. And once the thought was established, that sweet little brain used it again and again until the thought grew legs and became a belief.
We all have areas of our lives where our self-worth meter has a low reading. But clarity will emerge when we spend the time to get curious about the thoughts in our head.
The next time you experience a disappointment, take a moment to ask why. Get out a pen and paper and allow yourself to dump from your brain, all the reasons that surface, without editing. Be prepared to be a little shocked with some of the things that come out! But look at what your wrote and decide what is valid and what is not.
When I look back at my childhood, I remember feeling as though I had to ‘sing for my supper’. Our family had experienced a significant tragedy and my 8-yr old brain decided that my worth was based on me being able to be the ‘perfect kid’. It was quite the goal, and needless to say, I felt unworthy a lot of the time.
I drug the concept of ‘Pam Perfect’ into my adult life and it wasn’t until another life coach helped me unpack it that I was able to change my thinking.
Now I have a sign by my desk that simply says, “I am enough.”
We all are – this I know for sure.