The Last Weeks of 2020

Seatbelts fastened?
Here comes the much-anticipated arrival of the last weeks of 2020.
As we stare into another modified version of yet another annual tradition, I find myself in a new state of anticipation. Not like when we were kids, on our tip-toes, wondering what magical things were to come. More like sitting quietly in my chair, curious as to how it will unfold.
I often reflect on the holidays as a time that would come and go so quickly. Full social calendars, people flying in and flying out. So much hype and anticipation and then poof! It was January.
Well, for those of us who have ever wished it could be different, I present to you the 2020 version of the December holidays.
Neither of our girls are coming home and it might just be the two of us and the cats.
But I did make a list.
All I want for Christmas is patience, understanding and compassion.
I am not sure who delivers, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with my prime subscription.
But I know it is out there and I am determined to find a good source.
It might just be all we ever needed.
Make it the best holiday ever.