Choosing your thoughts.

Have you ever heard someone say ‘you are not your thoughts’? How did that resonate with you? It is a fascinating concept, if you have never taken a deep dive into it. And the more that you explore it, the more profound it becomes.

Your brain is so incredible in what it does and what it is capable of. But although it is yours to use, you are not your brain. Your brain is a complex mass of firing neurons that science is still attempting to fully understand. But from you brain come your thoughts. And your thoughts are the most powerful things in your life.

Every thought you have is a choice. Even the thoughts that come from your subconscious are ones that you once chose to think, even if the choice was made when you were a child.

Are you choosing to think thoughts now that empower you or thoughts that hold you back?

Sometimes even the thoughts that seem so innocent and well-intended can be poisonous when you understand how they play out in your brain. One of my favorite poisonous thoughts was ‘I just want to be a good parent’. Sounds honorable, right? Well that thought made me feel like I was always lacking. It made me feel like what I was doing was never enough. And for me, when I felt like that, I would go outside myself for validation. But that never worked, because I could always find someone who looked like they were doing a better job. So I always felt inadequate, and I just kept repeating the cycle over and over again.

Being able to observe your thoughts is the root of awareness. And awareness is not some woo-woo concept that is only available to those who are into crazy stuff like that. 😊 It is available to everyone who has the desire to explore it. Is that you? I would love to be your guide because I find it fascinating.