Early Edition – Happy New Year

An early New Year’s blog!
So many of us are in a state of pure excitement for the arrival of 2021. And we should be, right?!
2020 has certainly been one of the most challenging years for us collectively as a civilization.
But hey – we all know that nothing in our physical world will change as the calendar page flips. The pandemic is not going to go away overnight and a lot of 2021 will look a lot like the previous year. But we now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least it looks like a light.
My question is – what do you want to bring forward with you into 2021?
2020 wasn’t all bad.
What have been your highlights? Look back over your 2020 and find the moments of inspiration.
You could go back through your calendar.
You could go back through your phone and find the pictures that remind you of those moments. (Tony Robbins approved method)
However you choose to do it, search out those special moments that still give you a warm fuzzy! Log them and keep them somewhere you can access easily. Create an album either In your phone or in real time. Get out some post-it notes. Dedicate a page in your journal. Don’t forget that which was good.
Give yourself the acknowledgement for the contribution you made. Cultivate a feeling of pride, self-love and self-respect for yourself because you did it! You survived the sh*t storm and made the best of it.
Now can you take that feeling of self-compassion and do some evaluation?
New goals and/or intentions come from an acknowledgement of where you are now. Without being critical, can you do a more clinical review of the key areas in your life? If you were to evaluate your current state of being without any judgement in terms of relationships, health, finances, emotional health and spirituality – what worked? What didn’t work? What did you learn from the things that went sideways? What were the messages in the mess?
For me, it helps to understand this one important thing.
Nothing has gone wrong.
Life was never intended to be all sunshine and daisies.
Things happened the way they did and there is nothing that will change the past. Your experience is a part of history. All the things you did or didn’t do. All the things you said or didn’t say. Every last detail has been inked.
Fighting against it and trying to resist it will do nothing but make you miserable.
Stop. Let it go. Make peace with exactly where you are.
In my world, the word ‘should’ is a red flag.
‘Should’ pops up in our brains most often when we are fighting against reality. And as a reminder, reality ALWAYS wins.
What are your intentions going forward?
Intentions are to goals as Robin is to Batman.
Think about the aspects of your being you would like to leave with 2020. Think about what you would like to bring forward to 2021. Who would you like to become?
When you have an intention of becoming a healthier person (as an example), one of the by-products might be that you loose weight or you develop a habit of movement and exercise.
When you have an intention of being a more purposeful consumer, one of the by-products might be that you spend less/save more.
When you have an intention of being more mindful, one of the by-products might be that you develop a practice of regular meditation, yoga or prayer.
When you have an intention of adding more value, one of the by-products might be that you create more money.
When you have an intention of listening more, one of the by-products might be that you get closer to the other humans in your life.
When you have an intention of living in service, one of the by-products might be that you create more joy.
The final thing I would like you to consider is this. One of your best guides might ultimately be your future self. Can you imagine where you could be at the end of 2021 if you created everything you wanted?
What would the ‘best year ever’ specifically look like?
Take a moment to assess all aspects of your life including emotional health, physical health, money, career, relationships, contribution, spirituality, etc.
What would it look like if you rocked it?
Imagine yourself there…. what would your advice be to the current you?
Your future self has wisdom to offer as well as the compassion and encouragement to get you to the place you desire.
Everything you need you already have. See your life as something that happens for you, not to you.
And hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen cuz here comes 2021.
Make it the best one ever.
Sending much love and best wishes for the New Year!