Feeling better.

What are the things you do to make yourself feel better?

Maybe you call a friend, go for a walk, or go to the gym…possibly order your favorite latte or get a snack. But have you ever taken a pause to see what is going on in your brain? Feelings are vibrations in our bodies caused by thoughts in our head. What are the thoughts you are thinking that are making you feel this way?

Are your current feelings caused by something external that has happened? What if your feelings are not as a result of what happened but are caused by your thoughts about what happened? What are your thoughts about that external event? When your boss says something offhanded, do you make it about him or about you? When you can’t make your Quickbooks balance, are you beating yourself up about it? When your daughter says something hurtful, is it what they said or is it what you are making it mean?

There are times when we want to feel sad. My heart broke when I heard about the helicopter crash that killed nine amazing humans that included Kobe & Gigi Bryant. My heart still feels very heavy and I don’t necessarily want to be rid of that emotion. But I gave up the thought – this ‘shouldn’t’ have happened, because when we fight against reality, reality always wins.

Get curious the next time you find yourself wishing you felt differently. The solution might be closer than you think.