Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.
Invest in your brain.
Read stimulating non-fiction books that challenge your thinking. Read great fiction that increases your empathy. Have regular conversations with those who cause you to look at things in different ways. Choose your friends wisely.
Invest in your physical being.
Strive to create a body capable of serving you at a higher level by giving you all the energy you require. If you have been on the planet for a while, consider shifting your philosophy about work-outs from doing things to make you ‘look good’ to working out to have the strength and flexibility to live your life without strain, pain and fatigue.
Invest in your health.
You are what you eat. Choose to intentionally fuel yourself with the best quality food available to you. Put down the rebellious gauntlet and care for yourself as the precious gift that you are.
Invest in your spirit.
Create the time to convene with nature, every single day. Schedule solitary time for prayer and/or meditation. Be grateful.
Invest in your relationships.
Take nothing for granted. How can you be a better partner/parent/friend? Strive to be a leader through living by example.
Invest in your mind.
Be aware of your thoughts and be curious as to why you think the things you do.
Love and honor the opportunities you have been given and delight in all you are capable of.
And make it the best life ever.