Letting Go

What are you willing to let go of in order to get what you want in life?

I was working with a client one day and used the analogy of a boat.

Many of us build amazing boats, filled with wonderful things. We work on our boats for years and they truly are lovely…but they are tied to the dock of the ‘here’.

We have never taken them out of the harbor, even though we built them so they could sail on the ocean.

We tell ourselves ‘one of these days’ the time will be right.

But for now, we would rather stay in prep mode. We have tried to imagine the future but the water between the dock ‘where we are’ and the shore ‘where we want to be’ seems scary and unknown.

One of my clients was bound to her dock by a story of inadequacy from her childhood. A story about family dynamics and the effect it had on her. She had spent years in therapy and self-analysis and had a very thorough understanding. But the insight she had gained became something for her to hide behind.

The story of her past kept her tethered to the doc.

I suggested she cut the rope. She decided that burning the doc would be more effective. Later that night she sent me a picture of a magical boat out on the sea and I knew it was her at the helm.

She gave up the story of her past and I can’t wait to see what waits for her when she lands again.

What story are you willing to give up?