Being Willing to be Wrong

Are you willing to be wrong?

I would guess most of us might have some push back with the idea.

Life seems simpler to understand when we have a clearly defined right and wrong or good and bad. It allows us to have filters so we can quickly make sense of things.

But what happens when we pull those filers out of the depths of our brains and examine them?

This weekend (just for fun lol) I identified a few beliefs I had looping somewhere in the back of my brain.

One was something I knew I was not good at.

One was an observation I had made about myself as a parent.

One was a description of who I was as a person.

For years I had seen them as facts. Observations. But not one of them served me or made my life any better – quite the opposite.

I examined what those beliefs had cost me in the past. I saw how they were currently playing out in my day to day. And I imagined what my life might look like if I continued to think that way in the future.

And it wasn’t pretty.

So, I decided I had been wrong. Wrong to have doubted my abilities, wrong to believe I had fallen short as a mom, and wrong to have hung onto the criticism from the kids on the playground.

It felt like getting rid of an ugly jacket I kept insisting on wearing for reasons I couldn’t explain. And it felt good.

From there, I could consciously choose new things to be right about. My favorite was the idea that I am the exact mom my girls needed to become who they were meant to be.

Thank you Covid for giving me a pause to clean out my closet and my brain.