Setting Big Goals

Setting big goals is not something I was ever good at. I had goals, don’t get me wrong, but I am talking BIG goals. Big goals were scary. It meant committing to something. And then all the self-help books said if you were serious about your goal, you had to tell people about it.

As if.

I still sometimes find myself setting goals based on what I believe I can accomplish. But that’s not a big goal – that’s just an acknowledgement of the work I planned on doing anyway.

Big goals are ones where we have no idea how we will do it. They are a leap of faith. And so many of us are reluctant.

But why? If we set a big goal for the next 12 months and don’t hit it, what happens? Will the ground break open and suck us in? Will we be sentenced to 6 months in solitary? Will we have to walk around for a month with a neon sign saying LOOSER on it?

Not likely. Not unless we choose to punish ourselves. (emphasis on the word choose)

One of the most important components of goal setting is understanding WHY you are doing it. The ‘why’ will give you focus when the inevitable bumps in the road appear.

I will accomplish _______ by ______ because of _______.

Give it a try.

Get specific. Have fun along the way. Keep the drama at a minimum. When (not if) fear raises its ugly head, tell it to go make someone else’s life miserable. Enlist the support of people who love you and have big pompoms. Then enlist the support of people who love you and have a big bark. Imagine who you will be when you succeed and ask your future self for advice. Think of all the reasons why you can’t accomplish your goal and bam! There is your first list of things to do.

Dream big, because seriously, why not? We only get one chance to do this thing called life and I believe I hear your life calling….