Do You Like Yourself?

Do you like yourself?

I remember my life as an angsty teenager, and I am pretty sure the answer back then would have been a hard no, accompanied by a long list of reasons why.

But now that I am all grown up, I don’t have problems like that anymore.

Oh wait. Yes I do.

One of my favorites these days is when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and all I see is this older woman looking back at me. I don’t always recognize her, and there is a moment when I seriously wonder what she is doing in my mirror. I have no idea why I still expect to see my 20 or 30-year-old self.

Hmmmm. Unless it has something to do with the fact that the only pictures of me in our home are of a younger version, usually with great hair and make-up. Seriously, I just had that realization. Wow. (add – find new/old pictures to my list of things to do for next week) But I regress.

There is nothing selfish or narcissistic about wanting and learning to love ourselves. It’s the opposite.

When we love ourselves in our entirety, we can show up as our best version for others and for the world.

When we love ourselves, our cup is full, and we can give love without expecting or needing anything in return.

And only when we love ourselves can we achieve the things we desire.

Compassion drives change.

Love attracts love.

The trick is learning to say yes to loving it all. All the imperfections, all the mistakes, all the things we wish we could do over. Heck even all the wrinkles and the sagging skin.

When we self-judge, we turn away from ourselves and we deflect and delay. But what happens when we face our inner critic? When we open ourselves to the voice and listen to it?

Maybe the voice just wants to be heard. Perhaps if we give it some space and compassion, we can finally let it go.

When we learn to love ourselves, our capacity to give love grows.

So do the work. Be perfectly imperfect and actively choose love.

Now is a good time.