What are you choosing to think?

It’s a little crazy out there right now and my heart is with all whose lives are being negatively impacted.
I’m not writing this to tell you to wash your hands, but I can’t help wanting to use it as an example of how our minds work. Especially if you are feeling stressed right now because stress has been proven to weaken your immune system, and I hope everyone is looking at ways to stay healthy.
So, come play with me for a bit…
There is absolutely nothing we can do about the presence of the coronavirus. It exists in all of our lives, in and of itself.
What are your feelings about it?
It depends, right?
So here is my question. If the virus was responsible for the way you felt, then shouldn’t everyone feel the same way? Except everyone doesn’t feel the same.
Our feelings are a result of our thoughts about the virus. And our thoughts are something we choose, based on a myriad of different things unique to each of us.
Are you choosing thoughts that are fear driven or are you choosing thoughts that are allowing you to be calm? Are the thoughts you are having serving you?
What do you imagine the people who have recently bought a 10-year supply of toilet paper are thinking?
Your brain will always want to default to fear so it is important to have awareness and to have an alternate plan of thinking.
Stress is not something outside you. Stress is an inside job. Thankfully, so is calm and grace and every other beneficial emotion you could have. Begin by resisting labeling things as good or bad, especially when labeling them as such won’t change anything.
Listen to your thoughts. Better yet, write them down and read them out loud. If you don’t like them, change them. Practice thinking something else.
Fear can spread much faster than any virus. Where is your mind at?