Pass the crystal ball please.

Remember not long ago when we felt tweaked because we had to set our clocks back???
And now here we are amidst a pandemic (meaning world-wide) viral outbreak.
What do you imagine all this will look like in 3 months? 6 months?
There is currently a shortage of crystal balls (and toilet paper), so lets all look to our future selves to see what we come up with.
You get to choose. No one really knows (see above re crystal balls) but maybe get a little crazy and base it on what is in your heart.
I personally imagine a time when we are settling into a new normal filled with new insights. Reflecting on the great things that came from a rather trying time. In awe of our ability to be resilient and resourceful. Proud of how we were able to come together and support each other. Grateful for the tireless work of all those putting their own safety on pause to help others. Blown away by the capacity of the scientific brains that guided us to resolution.
If that is the result I see, what do I do now?
I am supportive in all the ways I can be. I am compliant and I add value wherever I can. I pray and I lean into the eternal wisdom that exists in all humans because we are wired to deal with things like this.
My feeling is of confidence.
My thought is that the humans can solve this too.
If your outlook is dismal, I want to challenge you. You have a part of your brain that instinctively wants you to fear everything. If you feel overcome with fear, there is nothing wrong, it is your brain doing what it has always done. But it is time to wake up the gatekeepers. You don’t have to listen to the barrage of negative thoughts coming from your brain and you might want to stop feeding it.
If your life is a stage, fear will always play a part.
Don’t fight it – just don’t put it in the spotlight. Choose a different response and practice it.
Ask your future self for guidance.
And please message me if I can help! I have been doing a lot of coaching around this and would love to be able to share with you so you can show up as your best self to those around you.