Bravery, Courage and Limiting Beliefs

Our social media feeds these days are filled with people who have gone above and beyond to do their jobs. It’s so inspiring to hear the stories of those choosing to be so courageous.

We all face things we are afraid of though. And every time fear raises it’s head, we get to choose to either move forward despite the fear or allow the fear to halt us in our tracks. Fear will create limiting beliefs we start to see as truths. We will think something so often, it will begin to feel as though we are merely making observations.

Things like:
I’m not good with technology.
No one will hire someone my age.
I have never done well with rejection.
I don’t have a college degree.
Other people are so much better, have more experience, or know more about this.
That’s just now how I was brought up.
I’m not very disciplined.
People in my line of work don’t make that kind of money.
I’m just not that savvy.
I don’t have the people skills.
I wouldn’t know where to start.
It would take too much time away from my family.
I just don’t have the time.
I know a lot of people who have tried and failed.
My current job takes too much out of me.

All the above are limiting beliefs authored by fear. It takes bravery to not settle. Courage to not be satisfied with mediocre.

Let’s be inspired by those around us!
We all have magic within us.
We just need a little courage to discover it.