Life can feel like you live in a snow-globe.

One of those crazy little things where the walls are up, the snow is swirling and someone just won’t stop shaking the darn thing. But somehow now, with the imposed quarantine, the snow has settled. Maybe it’s been awhile since you have had a good look at the figure inside, but it’s there now – in plain view.

Do you recognize it? What are your thoughts?

If you care to take a look, begin with some true appreciation. There has been a lot of shaking going on. Are you seeing all the beauty? All the ways where you have really shown up for yourself and for those around you? Make sure you start by cleaning some of the fingerprints off the glass.

Can you also see things you would like to tweak? Ideas that once served you but now don’t match who you are. Beliefs and concepts you adopted from other people that don’t really fit anymore. What needs to be done to make the figure in the globe match not just who you are but who you want to be?

Don’t miss this opportunity.

For a limited time, we have all been granted permission by the special alliance of the keepers of the snow-globes to carefully upgrade our existing figurines to reflect the humans we aspire to be.

Act now as it won’t be long before someone picks up your globe and gives it another shake.