Confidence v self-confidence

So, what is the difference between confidence and self-confidence?
Confidence comes from knowing you can do something. Most of us can read, drive and walk with confidence because we have done those things many times and we know we are capable.
Self-confidence shows up when you step out of your comfort zone– when the outcome is not a given, but you know that you can deal with whatever happens.
When we think of another human (or ourselves) as lacking in self-confidence, it is only because they have not yet learned to manage their thoughts. It is not a flaw or an unchangeable character trait; it is just something that needs some practice.
Next time you start to waver, or you find yourself choosing to not engage, take a pause and listen to the thoughts in your head. What is your brain telling you? Is it valid? Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is powerful! And anyone can learn to do it.
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