Opening to Life

Are you open to life? Perhaps it is a question you haven’t asked for awhile.

Do you willingly embrace whatever comes your way or do you wake up in the morning anxiously braced for a storm?

While every day presents a different challenge, the benefits of striving towards being open to the possibility of goodness are countless.

I have a deep-seated belief that the universe has my back. But I also recognize, in that particular belief, the age-old question of – what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do we attain an attitude of being cared for because of our experience of ‘good times’ or it is our attitude that attracts the positive?

Which begs another question – does it matter?

What harm can come from a belief in goodness? It is not a passive belief, and I do not suggest sitting on the sofa trying to manifest good things by just thinking about them. But I have seen how this kind of root feeling allows us to have less friction in our lives.

No one’s life is filled with only sunshine and rainbows.

The human experience is a balance of positive and negative.

Without one, we would not be able to experience the other.

What if we could soften to the not-so-positive things in our lives with the confidence that nothing has gone wrong? It can happen when we cultivate the awareness that these times are just an inevitable part of our humanity.

How can we be more open – in our minds and in our hearts? It can show up when we create new habits. And I have found that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Step into the light with your arms wide open and breath deeply into the possibility.

Or stay in the cave. It is a choice.

It’s your life. Make it a great one!