Busy, Overwhelm & Worry

What do busy, overwhelm, confusion and worry have in common?
They are all a complete waste of our time.
They pretend to be valuable, but they are merely a bunch of poser emotions.
Busy is like a dull hum in our ear, keeping us from hearing clearly. Busy happens when we step into the day without a plan.
Without a plan, we focus on things that seem urgent but are not important. We operate in reaction mode. And we are left feeling spent at the end of day but without a lot to show for our efforts.
Busy did have it’s moment though. It was when we were looking after toddlers. Remember the days you went non- stop but couldn’t really remember exactly what it was you did?
In parent mode, we called that survival. But it’s something we must pack away with the changing table.
Overwhelm is a state of mind. We hide behind it when we believe there is too much in front of us. It gives us a warped bit of relief but renders us unproductive and it always feels daunting.
It creates a lose-lose situation.
Calendars are a great strategy to combat overwhelm. When we take the things out of our brain and put them on paper, we often find the mountain we thought we were climbing looks more like a hill.
Another overwhelm buster is to adjust your language. ‘Having’ to do something feels a lot darker than ‘getting’ to do something. I have a client that calls her To-Do list her Get-To-Do list. I love this!
Confusion? Really? You always know what to. And if you truly believe you don’t? Just pick something! Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.
If you did know the answer, what would it be? (my favorite question)
And then there is worry. Be honest. When has worrying over something ever made a difference in the outcome?
So, bust yourself! Don’t waste your time on the emotions that only pretend to be worthy.
Life always gives us enough real things to use our magnificent brains for.